Slay Magazine’s “Fall Into Formation” Runway Show

Earlier this month, I took a trip to Dallas to attend Slay Magazine’s “Fall Into Formation,” runway fashion show on Veteran’s Day. I must say, they hosted a lovely event, it was definitely a well put together event with a touch of class. The music felt sensual, eclectic, as it held a neo-soul vibe. It set the mood for enjoyment, meanwhile, a variety of models from all shapes and sizes also ripped the runway. There was also enough eye candy for the ladies to enjoy while the male models were marching through! All of them held a “gentlemanlike amount of class. “Simply Raw Radio,” host Mardi Hunter, also graced the runway. My favorite outfit that she wore was a multicolored and zigzag patterned dress with several dark and light designs. It softly draped below her knees, slightly above her ankles with a loose fitting around her hips. She wore it very well, as she walked with her head held high. Oh, and I also wore a black envy lace jumpsuit from Curvaceous Boutique! You can shop at their brick and mortar store, or visit their website; to place your order online!

"Black Envy Lace Jumpsuit"

“Black Envy Lace Jumpsuit”


“Charlie Keyhole Maxi Dress”



Fire On The Runway Weekend

“Fire On The Runway,” was a blazing hot event over the weekend! The fashion designs were lit as models of all shapes and sizes danced and dazzled their way down the red carpet. The event took place in “The Natural State,” better known as Arkansas. The atmosphere was filled with luxurious energy as the bubbly radio host from the talk show “Coffee with Monica,” entertained the crowd with a bright smile and a gorgeous personality. She kept the energy blazing on the stage as the models ripped the runway. It was simply breathtaking. It was enough fashions for the entire family to enjoy including; the kids, teens, and yes of course the curvy girls! There was live music and entertainment from a few local artists; such as, Kawin Brockman, as he swayed the ladies with his R&B soulful voice. There was a variety of different styles, texture, and fabric designs that were coming across the runway. The kids’ clothing looked totally awesome!  L’Dior Boutique stood out from amongst the crowd because of their great taste and their lovely and trendy fashions for the Kurvy Girls!



Teen Fashion courtesy of Old Navy


 Courtesy of L’Dior Boutique